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Alternative Accountability

Amy Hughes
Grade 8 students in the Byng Arts Mini-School English (MIEN 8) use either music, drama, or a visual art form to represent one of Shakespeare's sonnets and demonstrate comprehension and close reading of the text. Context with Shakespeare: After a month two month unit on Shakespeare's Romeo and...
Kathy MacRae
In this project, I have tried to create non-traditional ways of approaching the reading, analysis and interpretation of a text. Students approached their reading of A Doll's House from either a visual arts, performing arts, scientific or schematic perspective. After they presented their results...
Amy Hughes
This assignment is the first of the "Free" Assignments of the year; students do approximately three free assignmnents throughout the course of the year. A "Free" assignment is one of the student's own devising. The students wrote proposals indicating what they wanted to...
Amy Hughes
After writing a query letter and having it accepted by the teacher, students proceded to work with language and create the product of their choice. Rule: Not to exceed the equivalent of 2 typed pages, Times New Roman.
Amy Hughes
English 12 students work with three texts: the short stories "In a Grove" and "Rashomon" by Rynosuke Akutagawa and the film, Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa. Students attend to the multi-modalities of story telling in film sensory imagery in written text in order to determine...
Amy Hughes
In a class of 29 English 11 (Enriched ) students, students are given the opportunity to select the novel they wish to study from ten suggested titles. Based on their personal choices, discussion groups are formed and lit circles are put into practice both in person during class and on line in a...
Richard Harris
Grade 8 Social Studies students were asked to create a map of a sustainable medieval manor.
Cindy Yeung
In an English 12 class in the Byng Arts program, we worked on a creative and stylistic analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Students focused on a selected topic, such as the multiple roles that make up Hamlet's persona; the portrayal of women in the play; or the use of disease imagery. They then...
Cindy Yeung
In an enriched English 9 class (Literary Arts specialization in the Byng Arts program), students explored archetypes in Shakespeare's comedies. We started by looking at different ways in which Shakespeare's comedies have been "classified" (e.g., tragicomedies, romances, "problem...
Margaret Early, Sondra Marshall
In this Transitional English class, multimodal pedagogical activities were designed to support students to create rich complex interpretations of literary works in English and to represent their understandings in visual mode, and in linguistic mode, in the form of an assessed literary essay.
Kim Chong-Ping
Students in an enriched English 8 class worked in small groups on a poetry project. They selected a poem to analyze and then they presented the poem to the class in a creative way.
Kim Chong-Ping
The students in a grade 11 Byng Arts English class were asked to present an academy awards ceremony to the class. They had to give awards to characters from the novel. Each group had a host to introduce the ceremony, present the awards and conclude the ceremony. The other group members were...

Initiative on the New Economy

Margaret Early, Cindy Yeung
In a Grade 9 Core French class, the teacher designed a multi-stage project in which students composed original children's stories in French, illustrated their stories to produce picture books, then, in groups, adapted one group member's story to a play script, and finally dramatized the scripts...
Margaret Early, Sondra Marshall, Vetta Vratulis
This study explores how by using multiple sign systems, high school students with limited English proficiency can be supported to create rich, complex interpretations of literary works in English, and to realize their interpretations linguistically in written academic discourse.
Margaret Early, Amy Hughes
A comparison of traditional and multimodal interpretations of a short literary work.