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Computer Mediated Literary Circles


Amy Hughes


Lord Byng Secondary




English 11 Enriched

Last Modified

April 16, 2007


In a class of 29 English 11 (Enriched ) students, students are given the opportunity to select the novel they wish to study from ten suggested titles. Based on their personal choices, discussion groups are formed and lit circles are put into practice both in person during class and on line in a computer discussion group format.


Lit Circles Criteria Sheet

Here is the Lit Circles Criteria Sheet provided to students. In it the need for regular contributions to the discussion group, the interaction between discussion members, the building of group analysis and the importance of academic voice are...
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Examples of Online Discussion

Examples of Online Discussion
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In Class Discussion Groups Supporting Online Discussion

In addition to the regular and ongoing online, asynchronous discussions, students meet in their groups during class time to continue their discussions face to face. This more traditional use of group work seems to provide a more personal...
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Examples of Online Discussion

Here you will see several examples of the type of online asynchronous discussion engaged in by students in the class. These slides are also available as a Gallery so that you can click on the slide to enlarge it, thus, enabling you to read the...
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