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Byng Arts (MIEN 8): The Shakespearean Sonnet through Multimodal Analysis


Amy Hughes


Lord Byng Secondary





Last Modified

March 15, 2008


Grade 8 students in the Byng Arts Mini-School English (MIEN 8) use either music, drama, or a visual art form to represent one of Shakespeare's sonnets and demonstrate comprehension and close reading of the text.

Context with Shakespeare: After a month two month unit on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, Grade 8 students were assigned the task of making meaning of a Shakespearean sonnet of their choice through their art. The final project would demonstrate their understanding of key themes and they would be required to present their interpretations to the class and explain the rationale used in the creation of their interpretation. See project handout.


The Shakespearean Sonnet through Multimodal Analysis

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Sheet Music Written by Students

One of the options was for students to create a musical "score" to accompany their sonnet choice. The composition needed to have a rationale and capture mood, tone, action, etc.
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Visual Art Interpretations of a Sonnet

Students chose to use a visual modality to demonstrate their understanding of a Shakespearean sonnet of their own choosing. Visual was required to represent theme, tone, and structure (when possible). Students were required to present an oral...
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A Process Example of Visual Art Interpretation

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Sonnet Interpreted through Music Composition #1

This student has composed this work to convey mood, tone and action in Shakespeare's Sonnet # 86.
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Sonnet Interpreted through Music #2

Here is a composition written and performed by two students who did the sonnet analysis together. After time discussing and analysing, one student composed the music and one created the visual to work with the sonnet and the music.
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