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Writing 12 Free Assignment from Journal


Amy Hughes


Lord Byng Secondary





Last Modified

February 24, 2007


This assignment is the first of the "Free" Assignments of the year; students do approximately three free assignmnents throughout the course of the year. A "Free" assignment is one of the student's own devising.

The students wrote proposals indicating what they wanted to work on. On this Free Assignment, students had only two stipulations:

1. The project had to be based on a journal entry from the students Term 1 Journal entries.

2. The project could not contain a higher word count than what would fit on 2 pages double spaced, Times New Roman font. The reason for this is that I have found that a limitation on length of assignments can help build the quality of the product as it increases the likelihood of editing to create a desired result.

Student projects included: songs, poems, mulitmodal projects incorporating visual arts and semiotics, and powerpoint.

This student has created a jigsaw puzzle out of her poem, "Come Dance With Me in Ohio."


Writing 12 Free Assignment #1 Gallery

Here we have some of the projects which students have developed as multimodal interpretations of their written texts.
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