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Alternative Accountability

Jeannie Kerr
Real world experience is pivotal in helping students make connections, build vocabulary and conceptual understanding, and stimulate further interest. In addition, it brings joy to learning. This account documents the students field trip experiences and learning connections.
Jeannie Kerr, Division Threec
Student Water Projects
Jeannie Kerr, Division Three
Student Water Projects
Jeannie Kerr, Division Threeb
Student Water Projects
Jeannie Kerr, Melody Rudd
The classroom teacher, Jeannie Kerr and the resource teacher, Melody Rudd collaboratively planned and implemented a novel study of "Island of the Blue Dolphins". This project highlights the process of collaboration and the benefits of teachers collaborating on novel studies. This...
Jeannie Kerr
I believe I have a responsibility to not only educate the minds, but also the hearts of my students. I want my students to look at knowledge in a connected and ethical way. This involves higher level thinking skills and a greater degree of personal self-understanding on an intellectual and...
Jeannie Kerr, Melody Rudd
The push to require that students participate in standardized testing in reading comprehension is sparked by the "accountability" atmosphere that is starting to dominate education in multiple ways. There is currently not a reliable and valid measure of reading comprehension that can be...
Robin Becker
In conversation with the Principal of our school, I became involved in a project that would bring the school together in a common celebration around reading. Everyone in the school identified a favourite book and through artwork, personal photography and text created a visual celebration of...
Robin Becker, Jeannie Kerr
Once per week, before a book exchange in the library with a grade 4/5 class, a student shares a favourite book. The student identifies reasons the book is a favourite and reads selected passages to the class. The classroom teacher Jeannie Kerr and the librarian Robin Becker worked...
Robin Becker
The entire school spent a day reading and celebrating reading together.

Initiative on the New Economy

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Pat Porter
Three teachers explore projects for engaging parents in literacy practices.