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Hamlet: Multimodal Literary Analysis and Aesthetic Interpretation


Cindy Yeung


Lord Byng Secondary




English 12 (Byng Arts)

Last Modified

April 30, 2007


In an English 12 class in the Byng Arts program, we worked on a creative and stylistic analysis of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Students focused on a selected topic, such as the multiple roles that make up Hamlet's persona; the portrayal of women in the play; or the use of disease imagery. They then designed and produced a work in an artistic mode -- such as visual, musical, dramatic, or filmic -- that responded to the focus topic question.

Students then wrote an essay to explain how their aesthetic design choices reflected elements of Shakespeare's text, such as figurative and sound devices, imagery, tone, or conflict. Essentially, students created a literary close reading in a non-textual aesthetic mode.

Included in the gallery are examples of students' work in progress (close reading analyses, drafts, sketches) as well as some of their final essays explaining the interpretation and analysis informing their projects.


Hamlet's soliloquys: an interpretation through photographs, music, and text

Students:  Sara Clouston, Catherine Rose, Nicki Kontogiannis, Suzanne KingThis group produced a multimedia study comparing two of Hamlet's soliloquys: III.iii.73-96 ("Now might I do it pat..." when he contemplates killing Claudius during prayer) and IV.iv.32-66 ("How all occasions do inform against me" when Hamlet...
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Hamlet Soliloquy: Violin and PowerPoint

 Students: Lishan Sharples and Mackenzie Creighton 
Read more:   Violin Hamlet


Hamlet: An Epic Board Game in the Rooms of Elsinore

Students: Cindey Chiang, Stephanie Tsang, and Sarah Chau. Three students produced an "epic" board game that traces the development of Hamlet's conflicts throughout the play. The design of the game board is based on various settings...
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Visual Landscape of Hamlet's Internal Conflict

Student: Geoffrey Case. Geoffrey has used an acrylic painting to present the landscape of Hamlet's internal conflicts in the soliloquy in IV.iv.32-66 ("How all occasions do inform against me...") The slides include Geoffrey's...
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Hamlet's Conflicts: a twist on snakes & ladders

Students: Julianna Hui and Joyce Tsang. Julianna and Joyce have created a new twist on the traditional "snakes & ladders" board game. The game involves six different aspects of Hamlet's persona: the prince, the son, the avenger,...
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The Hamlet Conflict Barometer

Students: Christina Shi, Carmen Chan
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Hamlet Tarot Cards

Student: Andy Chou
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