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Rashomon/"Rashomon" & "In a Grove": A Multimodal Thematic Literary Analysis


Amy Hughes


Lord Byng Secondary




English 12

Last Modified

May 1, 2007


English 12 students work with three texts: the short stories "In a Grove" and "Rashomon" by Rynosuke Akutagawa and the film, Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa. Students attend to the multi-modalities of story telling in film sensory imagery in written text in order to determine common themes among the three works. While multi-modality is used along with critical commentary to assist in textual meaning making, multi-modality is also used by students to demonstrate their own learning and understanding of the works studied.


Triple Venn Diagrams to compare texts

Students work in small groups on Triple Venn diagrams which allow them to compare and contrast one or two key images or symbols re: "Rashomon," "In a Grove," and _Rashomon_, the film.
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Triple Venn Diagrams continued ...

Here we can see the evolution of the students' comparative work. The task was to compare one or two images that support a theme common to al three works.
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During the process of it all ...

More photos of students working on their multimodal analysis of Rashomon, "Rashomon" and "In a Grove."
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Rashomon, "Rashomon," "In a Grove" Instruction Samples

To get a sense of the written instructions provided to the students, here are some from the overhead and white board.
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Multimodal Analysis Project

Following the Venn Diagrams, students engage in sharing ideas on inter-connected themes among the works and images in support of these themes. Having engaged in a short pre-writing analysis activity, the Venn Diagrams and class discussion,...
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How to use the poster board ...

When asked by a student to clarify how to use the poster board (the only mandatory requirement of the visual) in the creation of their "Rashomon"/"In a Grove Project," the following response ...
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Venn Diagram Theme Work

Students worked in groups to discern themes common to all three works. Here is an example of the type of student/teacher talk-think that occured.
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Discussion Regarding the Film

Here is an example of the kind of teacher student interaction that occured during the discussion periods while watching the film, Rashomon. Here we notice that students are expanding their understandings of the theme of reality which exists in...
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Student/Teacher Discussion of Theme and the Project

Here a student discusses her focus on the theme of greed and ideas she has for representing the theme in the project. As teacher, I help her explore the depth and possibilities of her theme of Greed. The photos show the student's finished...
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Feminist Reading of the Texts

Two students explain their plans for creating a project that represents a feminist read of all three texts. An example of a pre-project discussion with students.
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