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French Picture Books


Margaret Early
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French 9 (Enriched)

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February 16, 2007


In a Grade 9 Core French class, the teacher designed a multi-stage project in which students composed original children's stories in French, illustrated their stories to produce picture books, then, in groups, adapted one group member's story to a play script, and finally dramatized the scripts for children from the local French Immersion school. The teacher's claim was that by investing in multiple literacy tasks for authentic and interesting purposes, students would increase their French language awareness and proficiency, including literacy skills. This paper explores that claim: It reports on the context of the classroom project, the tasks designed, the data collection and analysis procedures, and the themes and implications that emerged with respect to written, visual, and dramatic modes, and student investment in learning.


French Picture Books

Balancing students' attention to form, function, and communicative fluency is a critical challenge for teachers in foreign and second language learning classrooms. Various approaches have been advocated over the years, including formal, situational, notional-functional, communicative, and task-based. As outlined in the Integrated Resource...
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The Bird Book (Kaela Walton)

Story of a family of birds.
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The Patient Frog (Cindey Chiang)

This is a story of the patient frog.
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Ou est Joey? (Ingrid Braul)

This is the story of a fun fair.
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Good moorning, I write from the University of the Vasc Country in Spain. I'm very interested in the multiliteracy concept and in your project.

I'm working in a project with m-learning and I would like to take dates about the multiliteracies the children work. I would be very grateful if you could explain me better the model of questionnaries you use in your study to collection data.

Thank you very much indeed.

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posted on October 21, 2005