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Collaborative Novel Study


Jeannie Kerr
Melody Rudd


Admiral Seymour Elementary





Last Modified

May 28, 2007


The classroom teacher, Jeannie Kerr and the resource teacher, Melody Rudd collaboratively planned and implemented a novel study of "Island of the Blue Dolphins". This project highlights the process of collaboration and the benefits of teachers collaborating on novel studies. This project also highlights the more specific benefit of having the resource teacher in the class to teach with the classroom teacher, instead of the common practice of having "identified" children pulled out of class.


Collaborative Teaching

Planning the Novel Study of "Island of the Blue Dolphins" together was more interesting and engaging than planning a novel study alone. We read the book and chatted about our goals and objectives and made a plan together. Aside from being a more engaging way to plan, another immediate benefit was our recognition that we both had...
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"Island" Chapter 20 Responses

Each chapter the students draw during reading and then stop for discussions and then engage in writing. Then we continue reading and start the process again. The topics for discussion during chapter 20 were 1) how would you survive on a deserted...
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"Island" - Sharing Major Projects

Students divided evenly between Melody and Jeannie at the mid-point and end of the novel to explore understanding in more detail through either drama or art. The students shared their work with the other group through presentation and...
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"Island" - Artistic Representation

Melody worked with half the class on drawing maps of the island through rereading text for clues at the half way point in the book and then the offer half of the class at the end of the book. Students also drew a representation of what they...
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"Island" - Creating Dramatic Representations

Jeannie worked with half the class at the midway point in the novel and the other half of the class at the end of the novel on dramatic representation. Students brainstormed the major scenes and worked in a small group to develop the scene. In...
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"Island" - Writing on Themes

Students brainstormed major themes from the book which had arisen originally in chapter reflections. Students chose a theme to develop and worked individually or in small groups to web ideas and search out sections in the book and reread....
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