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November 14, 2008


Student Water Projects


Dinh's Water Book

Hi my name is Dinh and I'm here to tell you about my water book. Here are some things that you can learn too. I learned that salmon eggs need fresh water and trees for shade. What I also learned from school is that we had the same water for 3...
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Shohrai's Water Book

Hi my name is Shohrai and this is my water project. I learned so much about water in school this year. For example, water can evaporate. Also, we have to take care of water because we're going to have the same water we have had for the last 3...
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Brenda's Water Book

Welcome to my water book. My name is Brenda and I hope you like my book. When someone opens my water book, I want them to learn about water and how we should take care of the environment. If we pollute the water you will not have any salmon to...
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Thofiq's Water Book

Hello my name is Thofiq. I think you should read my water book because you would learn alot of things about water. I think water is a really important thing. You can learn neat stuff. I used to know not that much about water, but now I learned...
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Travis's Water Book

Hi my name is Travis and I think you should read my water book for a lot of information about water. You can also learn so many neat things about water. I learned a lot of data from all the field trips we had that were about a lot of water....
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