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Field Trips


Jeannie Kerr


Admiral Seymour Elementary





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June 17, 2007


Real world experience is pivotal in helping students make connections, build vocabulary and conceptual understanding, and stimulate further interest. In addition, it brings joy to learning. This account documents the students field trip experiences and learning connections.


Field Trips

Field trips provide the opportunity to connect abstract classroom learning to real-world experiences. The importance of field trips cannot be underestimated. If students are able to make real-world connections to classroom learning, the learning takes on significance, and directs the students attention and engagement. If the students are...
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Capilano River and Hatchery

Students attended an in class presentation by the NorthWest Wildlife Preservation Society and a visit to Capilano River. The students learned more about Salmon and sustainable practices to help salmon. This trip was connected to literature read...
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Capilano - Connections

Students created major projects connected to the experience at Capilano. Students recreated the local Vancouver landscape and inserted the dangers to the salmon population in their drawings. The students wrote a paragraph on each major threat to...
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Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up

Students participated in an International Project to collect and document shoreline pollution. The students cleaned a 2km segment of Burrard Inlet at Vanier Park and analyzed and reported the data to an international body for inclusion in the...
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Lynn Canyon Park

Students hiked through Lynn Canyon Park and went over the suspension bridge. The highlight of the trip was testing the water quality through ph strips and assessing the presence and condition of aquatic invertebrates. Outdoor photography is by...
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Landscapes - Water in 3 states - Lynn Canyon Connections

Drawings of landscapes after field trips to Lynn Canyon and Vanier Park. Criteria was to show water in liquid, gas and solid forms in nature. Complimented by written work to explain choice and perspective. Students also presented their drawings...
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