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November 19, 2008


Student Water Projects


Julie's Water Book

Hi my name is Julie.I think you should look at this book because then you can learn more about water and what I learned in my class. The things I picked are my sustainablility picture,my shore line clean up, when the salmon run goes dry and water...
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Daniel's Water Book

I learned thay water is very important because it is the thing that everything living on earth alive snd if we dont protect it than we will all die.Also we are made of water so if we dont protect water and there is a chain and were a part of a...
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Pauline's Water Book

Hi my name is Pauline.I think you should look at this book because it shows you how to save the world. You should save the world by not wasting water. If you waste water and pollute we will die because we need water. If we didn't have water we...
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Maura's Water Book

Hi my name is Maura and I am making a book about water. I am making this book about water because I've been learning about water for a really long time. I think you will like this book. I think you will like this book because if you like water you...
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Lilin's Water Book

Hi! My name is Lilin and I hope my book will make teachers take their student's out on more field trips so they can learn more about other things outside of school. I have been on lots of field trips this year and learned a lot about water. I...
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