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The Blue Sea Creatures


Jeannie Kerr
Division Threec


Admiral Seymour Elementary


English, Vietnamese, Spanish



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November 19, 2008


Student Water Projects


Henry's Water Book

Greetings fellow readers! My name is Henry. I have learned so much about water and salmon. Here are some things that salmon have to go through. First the eggs have to try to not get swept away and die. Second the water can become fast rapids...
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Student's Water Book

I think you should read my water book because I've learned a lot about water. I don't want you to do the wrong thing like polluting the water, because it is very bad and can kill the fish and change the lives of people that eat salmon. We also...
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Matthew's Water Book

Greetings fellow friends! I would like you to read my book about water because if you read more about my story, then you would learn about dams, salmon and rivers. If you would try to kill fishes, then in the future, there would be no more...
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Michel's Water Book

Hi! My name is Michel and if you look at my book you will get a lot of ideas about water. You should read my book because you need to learn about water bodies, salmon and some of the dangers to salmon and water. We all shared our ideas in class...
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Jaimee's Water Book

This is my water book.
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