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Assessment, Grading and Communicating


MJ Moran


Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary





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March 11, 2008


Part of learning is knowing 'how' you are doing. As a classroom teacher I am regularly assessing, reporting and communicating 'how' students in my class are doing for myself, for themselves and for their parents/caregivers.



Formative assessment occurs constantly in my classroom.  It occurs in every subject area in every unit practically every class.  How are you doing?  That is me, the teacher, checking in on individual students.  How are we doing?  That is me, the teacher, checking in on how we are doing as a class.  How am I...
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Report cards are required in the British Columbia education system three times a year.  These reporting periods divide our school year into three terms: fall, winter and spring.  I organize my year around reporting.  I am a teacher; it is a school system.In each of the three terms there is a letter grade for Math, Literacies...
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I communicate with the students regularly in a variety of ways as can be seen in any of the accounts I have written.  Parents and caregivers are frequently in the building, I see them and speak with them when possible.  When there is an issue that requires contact I contact parents and in turn they contact me when an issue arises for...
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First Language

Students in my class often have more than one language to access when looking for understanding.  I try to invite First Languages into the classroom to facilitate access to as many ways of understanding as are available to the students.  We discuss how this works for different students.  These are some of Helen's perspectives...
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Three Stars and a Wish

After parents come to an event at the school where the students share their work I ask for the parents to write out three stars, (things students have done well), and a wish (one thing the parent would like to see improve). Here are the stars and...
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Term Two - Students Writing Report Cards

From the first day of term two until the day we read term two report cards in preparation to take them home we are collecting data for reporting. When the time comes to begin writing the data into formal reports we begin by reading over our first...
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Term Two - Reading Report Cards One on One

Several days prior to report cards going home each student sits with me privately and reads through their report card. After they have read it over we discuss how they are feeling and whether or not it reflects how they see themselves in relation...
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Term Two - Reading Report Cards All Together

After all of the students have had the opportunity to read their report cards individually with me we all pull them out together and have another less stressful read of them. They keep them in their desks, to look at when they like, until the day...
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Grade Six Math Chapter Four

Klassen and Wendy prepared this presentation. It represents the grade six math topic Addition and Subtraction.
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Grade Six Math Chapter Five

Henry, Angel and Kevin prepared this presentation. It represents the grade six math topic Measuring Lengths.
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