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Science: A Conduit for Language Learning


MJ Moran
Diane Potts


Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary





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April 29, 2007


Every Science class is an opportunity for each student to expand their knowledge and understanding of Science and also build their literacies practices. Being a Scientist requires thinking, talking, writing, representing and reading like a Scientist.


Fall Unit - Exploring Space

In the beginning of this chapter, which is also the beginning of this unit, we find out together what we already know about our universe - no reference books allowed, only the ideas in our combined heads. There is a wonderful opening activity in the textbook that works to get the students digging into what they have stored in their memories,...
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Winter Unit - Discovering the Energy Around You

11.1 What is Energy?11.2 Energy TransformationsEnegy AcrosticsEnergy Haikus11.4 Hydroelectric PowerImages of Activity: Water PowerActivity: Water PowerChapter Review: Mind MapsChapter Review: Questions
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Cover Letters and CVs

In groups of three the students researched and prepared a cover letter and curriculae vitae to apply for a position on a mission to a distant star in 2197
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Making Star Maps

Given the required supplies, the procedural instructions and each other as knowledge bases the class was set to work to build their own star maps.
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At the Vancouver Space Centre we had a 'blast' making, launching and measuring bottle rockets. I think it was Julia and Frida who made the 'highest' launch.
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Our Trip to the Space Centre

In the Space Centre we confirmed many of the concepts we had discovered - and piqued our interest in so many more.
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What is Energy?

The first section of the first chapter of this unit begins to define energy in scientific language.
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What We Already Know

This is an introductory activity to dig up what we already know but might not know we know.
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The Big Bang Theory

In this activity students 'play' with the concepts of model and theory while also 'playing' with balloons.
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Scientific Theories and Technologies Timelines

In groups the students created timelines with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 items.
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What a Science Lesson Looks Like

Not all lessons are the same, but in general there is a pattern to lessons that follow the text.
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Before moving to triangulation review was required.

Triangulation, used to indirectly measure large distances is a difficult concept to grasp.
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