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January 19, 2012


This account is a compilation of individual student representation's of their learning throughout the novel study, 'Zack', by William Bell. Each representation includes their view of their learning in the novel study and their project, which was a summative task at the end of the study. To complete their projects they were asked to 'show what they learned', integrating mulitiple modes, multiple media and possible interaction with the viewer.


Links to our Zack Projects

Please go to Literacies Language Arts, and view Demonstration - Term two Talking, Drawing, and Writing before viewing this Demo. These are all the links showing our projectsFrom exerting so much work and effort, the Zack projects have been completed and each of the individual projects have been specially made by each and every student's own...
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Kristine's Zack Demo

When our class finished the novel "Zack" we were assigned to do a project that had meaning to it. I thought the exercises which were reading, talking, and drawing helped me understand what the book was about. To me, this book had alot of feelings because of the vocabulary and how the sentences were formed together, which made...
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Ryan's Zack Demonstration

Zack is the name of the novel that we had studied in the second term. This book was written by William Bell in the year of 1998. The author of this book also wrote the popular book named, Forbidden City.This book was named after the main character of the book, Zack Lane, a teenager who hates his life. While reading the book, Zack found an...
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Andy's Zack Demo *View!*

                        My Zack Project   In class, we read the book "Zack", a novel by William Bell. It is an interesting book about a teenager named Zack, who was insulted all the time because...
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Holly Ho's Demo

 Zack is a book that everyone in my class enjoys reading and everyone had to do their own project and my project was making a book. I put my own extra ending and I also put my symbols and pictures.Page 2, is a chapter that I added to the book.Page 3, is a picture of Zack's family and a page about me.Page 4-6, are pages that are...
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About a month ago, our class finished the book called Zack. We had an open house to show  our Zack projects. But, we are now working on an another project  about Zack. I am going to tell you a little bit about the story. Zack is an African-Canadian person.  He is 17 years old in the...
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Frida's act for Zack

Read more:   Frida's act for Zack

Helen's Zack Project

During the process of this project, I have changed some of the ideas I had before either to make it better or the ideas just doesn't fit altogether. The idea of a newspaper cover wasn't as planned since I was about to make a card-like poster but as it turned out, since everyone was so surprised at the ending that made me think it...
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Henry's Dem0

Next is a link to my presentation. Zack Project- Henry This Presentation talks about what Henry did to reach his Zack project and also you get to see his project.Next is a link to my slideshow. Slideshow- Henry This Slideshow shows what Henry did and his hard work to reaching his project and what he did on the way while reading Zack....
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Jodie's Zack Project

This is my Zack Project. While you look through, you will see links to other things and how l made my project(a project and a popsickle house).What you need: -Popsickle Sticks      -Poster                   ...
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Klassen's Demo

The following link is when we read the novel and what we do everyday during Zack.Klassen's PresentationThe following link is when I was planning, preparing the Zack project and what we do everyday for the Zack period before the project.Klassen's SlideshowThe following link is the part of the book I like the most.Klassen's Study
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Michelle's Demo

For my Zack project, I decided to make a map showing Zack's trip of visting his grandpa, and a model of Pawpine's box that he found. I made these two things because I thought there was a connection of the piece of gold in the box that was pawned so Zack would have money to use on his trip to visit his grandpa. When Diane came to teach...
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Vincent's Zack Demo

When my class finished reading a novel for our novel study called Zack, we were ask to do a project about it that had meaning to it. My teacher made up a exercise while reading the novel that helps us understand the novel by talking and writing without having much homework given to us. This books gave a powerful feeling throughtout it due...
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A intro to Zack

While in the creative class of MJ, our class read a book called "Zack". It was a book based on heavy racism and slavery. William bell is a talented writer and can say what a few words or a sentences could sum up and turn it into a compelling story of a boys trip to find his long lost grandfather. In the class of MJ, we first...
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Julia's Demo

My Zack Project Pictures of us working 
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Andrew's Zack Demo

This is a link to images of me working on my "Zack" project, and the finishing of my "Zack" project:Link to:My Presentation 
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Sharice's Zack Demo

In Division 15's literacies we read a book called 'Zack'.  Zack was written by William Bell. The teacher would read it aloud to us and then let the students draw the first picture that came to their mind and write whatever they felt when they heard the passage. As we finished reading the book Diane came and taught us about multi-modalities....
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Blair's Demo

This demonstration is linked to all of my projects and galleries on the website. I have galleries on presenting and looking at the work and reading the book in the classroom. I also have a presentation on me creating my project. These galleries and presentations are about a book that we read in class. The book's name is Zack. This book...
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Candice's Demo

 This is a Demo which is going to be linked to a gallery I have made about my journey through making my own Zack Project. My Zack project was a sequal to the book it was my idea of how the book was going to end but with only 3 chapters you would think that my book would be short and boring but in it you would read the very...
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Angel's Demonstration

This is my project about "Zack". In here, you will be seeing me reading,working,presenting my project,and me viewing someone else's project. Please take a look at my presentation by clicking the link below. Angel's Presentation       
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Kevin's Demo(Zack)

The book is good because it is about a kid living in the city moving to a town called Fergus, and when his mom and dad went on a trip, he went to visit his maternal grandfather. He had never seen his grandfather. Zack had found a box at the back of his house and inside the box there was a gold...
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Wendy's Demo

The book we were reading a few weeks ago was Zack (title of the book), by a very talented writer, William Bell. We followed along while MJ reads out loud to our class, Div 15. MJ gives us time to have a conversation with our table group about Zack, draw and write. Despite the racism and torture, Zack was an ordinary 17...
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Julia's Project

My current school project will be about a novel by William Bell called Zack. This book is about a teenage African-Canadian who follows his African roots back to find the secret that his family had been hiding from him for so many years. Each chapter will be summarized so that people who haven't yet read the book will be able to participate...
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Klassen's Study

Hello, my name is Zack, I am a Canadian boy ( whose mother was African-American and whose father was Jewish) in high school and I am 17 years old. The part of my life I thought was most exciting was when I was going to Mississippi to visit my grandfather, while I was driving there, I felt tired so I decided to find a space to park...
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Matt's article

"Zack" is a book that my class is reading for our novel study. The book is  about an African-Canadian teenage student who gets bad marks in school, always gets into trouble and follows his roots to find the family secret. Zack later on finds a box that contains really old stuff that belongs to a slave named...
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Matthew Jay's project

A gallery about Matthew Jay's Zack project.
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Helen's Project (start) (1)

The procedures Helen took to complete her Zack project
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hollyho's zack project

The Zack book that is my project
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Matthew K's Slideshow

A slide show of my comic strips, and other parts of my project.
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HeNrY'S SLiDeShOw!

Look at Henry working!
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Zack Project (Andrew Franco)

A slide of different pictures of me creating my project, also pictures of my project itself done, and maybe a bit of voice over top. =)
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Helen's Project

Helen's presentation about her Zack project
View Presentation

Jason L's Zack Project

The Zack project that I, Jason made . . .
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Zack Project -HeNrY

Look At HENRY and His Way Of Making His Project!
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Frida's Zack presentation

This is my Zack project and me reading and writing about the book.
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Wendy's ppl-zack
Jason's ppt- Zack
Zack - PowerPoint
Zack Summary
Kevin PP

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