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Dual Language Literacy Practices in the Mainstream and ESL Classroom


Sarah Cohen
Lisa Leoni


Michael Cranny Elementary School




5, 6, 7, 8

Last Modified

November 26, 2006


This project demonstrates a teachers' use of her student's first language literacy skills to support their acquisition of English literacy and language. This work has resulted in the creation of dual language identity texts in the form of story books and autobiographies.


Bringing Students' Identities to the Fore of Literacy

This case study reports on a collaborative teacher action research project that has focused on examining the intersections among identity, language and literacy learning for English language learners in grades 3 to 8. The teacher in this study has developed her teaching practice around the central theme of making students' cultural and...
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Tom Goes to Kentucky

A dual language identity story book written by Tomer Shahar. This story reflects Tomer's strong interest in horses and all things related. He wrote it first in English and translated it into his first language, Hebrew. Tom is the name of Tomer's...
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Together Is Better

Aminah wrote this dual language identity text based on her knowledge of a fable with this story line. The moral of this story resonates with Aminah's religious and cultural life. In it she describes the importance of the ideas of unity and working...
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The New Country

Madiha, Kanta and Sulmana were in Grade Seven when they coauthored this story in Urdu and English. The text is based on their own experiences of having immigrated from Pakistan to Canada. Madiha had been in Canada less than six months when they...
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Little Bear

Sidra wrote this dual language (English-Urdu) story book when she was in Grade Seven. She had immigrated from Pakistan and had been in Canada since Grade Five. This story was created in response to an assignment to write a story aimed at younger...
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The Clever Son

Madiha wrote this story based on a folktale she had learned in her native Pakistan.The assignment was to write a story with a moral or lesson to it. Madiha wrote the story in Urdu and English. It reflects the importance of her religion to her...
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At the recent TESL Ontario Conference in Toronto on November 19, 2005, I had the pleasure of listening to Tomer, Madiha, Kanta, Sulmana, along with their teacher, Miss Leoni, who all did a wonderful job of sharing their writing experiences in person with an audience of professionals. Hearing about how the opportunity to write stories in both their 1st and 2nd languge at Michael Cranny Elementary school has contributed to their acquisition of language and literacy was a unique experience. It is my hope that all students in ESL and mainstream education in Canada will have this opportunity.
posted on November 20, 2005
posted on February 2, 2006
wow after along time, i don't know what came in my mind i just came to visit my site after i guess 5 4 was nice to see this and thanks to gina was nice...
posted on December 14, 2008
these books show such a breadth of creative learning and they exude enjoyment and personality often difficult to stimulate in formal teaching practice.
posted on February 26, 2009
congratulations to all on such a great and innovative accomplishment!!!

i wish someone had this idea back in the late 80's and early 90's when i was an ell student in our elementary schools!

this is such amazing way to strengthen students' language skills as well as fostering many great discussions around culture, experiences of 'new' culture, experiences of being 'culturally hybrid' or insider to more than one culture....

i hope you've enjoyed writing these as much as i have enjoyed reading them!
posted on January 27, 2010