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La Toile Magique


Natalie Zur Nedden


La Toile Magique


French and Innu


9 and 12

Last Modified

November 26, 2006


This project was developed as a collaborative arts-based activity between a rural Aboriginal Grade 9 group of students and an urban non-Aboriginal Grade 12 group of students. They came together under the auspices of an extra curricular arts based project developed by an art teacher in Montreal. This work began as an inter-cultural exploration of notions of culture that would take the form of a fifty-five foot long painted mural. La toile magique is a story about the virtues and transformative powers of non-formal learning environments.


La toile magique

La Toile Magique (the magic canvas) is the story of twenty-five high school students (12-rural First nations, grade 9nd, 13 urban, non-Aboriginal, grade12) who responded to an invitation to participate in an extra-curricular, arts-based activity -- painting a fifty-five feet long canvas by five and a half feet wide. The purpose of the arts-based...
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Le Chaputain

The Chaputain is a long-house built of birch bark and the ground is covered in pine branches. The Chaputain is a sacred space used for ceremonies and gatherings. Once upon a time families lived in the chaputain. For this project the Chaputain was...
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Inside the Chaputain

This photo shows an elder teaching the youth how to build a dreamcatcher. In the background we can see La toile magique hanging on all sides of the Chaputain. While the student-artists completed the painting of la toile, elders in the communty...
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Images of La toile magique

The photos represent sections of the completed Toile magique. The last photo is of the teachers who facilitated the process of La toile magique.
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HI! I was reading through your work -calling of the heart. This is the true meaning of education and bringing the experience to learners which touches the "soul for ever". Hats off to you for your vision and seeing it through to a grand learning for all. Thank you for sharing .
posted on May 6, 2006
je fesai parti du pour ca je vais dire comment a etai le fun de participer a ce grand projet ,au jai connu de bons amis et ke les j'oublieraient jamais eux salut moi .. Welly Bacon (innu)
posted on February 5, 2007