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Division 15 Music Term Two 2007-2008


Student Begbie


Sir Matthew Begbie Elementary





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March 13, 2008


This term in Music with Ms NT we learned how to play chords on guitar, how to play three new songs and we began to prepare a STOMP performance. As well, some of us sing in choir.


Music: Term two: Guitars

This presentation is about what we're doing in music. In this case, guitars are one of the things we're doing in music. One unforgettable experience was when, one morning when we were in music class, someone's string broke. He had to get a baby...
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Music: Term two: STOMP!

In this presentation, we are practicing moves for the assembly on Earth day. On Earth day, we are going to, STOMP the yard out loud with things that we don't ordinarily use. Also, to thank mother earth for the beautiful flowers and trees that she...
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Music: Term two: Choir

This presentation is about singing in choir and we have lots of fun doing it!!!
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i think that mj's class has a productive learnig process from what i have seen so far.
posted on March 13, 2008